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Dirge Of Cerberus

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January 21st, 2007

memorized @ 11:58 am: A joyous, magical feeling :D

Strange things are happening.

Sora has locked the doors to all the worlds, but one remains. Like a vacuum, it sucks beings from other places into its own, yet the reason for this is unknown. Dimensions cross in this place, and anyone can come across different versions of people they once knew—both those alive, and those that have passed on—for there is more than one physical body and more than one dimension connected to every heart.

Worlds previously undisturbed have their people and creatures involuntarily placed here, in this city trapped under domes there is no exit, not even a sky; where the citizens are like Victorian porcelain dolls and the native plants and animals are glass and fabric. The only true life are strange creatures called lumens, white and glowing beings whose existence depends on sucking the darkness from and injecting light into the impure. The only help for those who wish to go home can be "offered" by mysterious people in black coats who seem to know quite a bit about this place.



Most fandoms are welcome!
All information you'll need, including a FAQ, is in the links above.
Any comments, questions, etc. may be emailed to paixaorpg@gmail.com.

October 13th, 2006

beejang @ 02:38 pm: Happy Birthday Vincent Valentine
Happy Birthday Vincent Valentine.
You will always be our beloved hero.

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X-Post to dirgeofcerberus

September 30th, 2006

memorized @ 11:26 am:

PAIXAO: A KINGDOM HEARTS RPG; since January '06!

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SERIES/CHARACTER REQUESTS. - what we especially want! :)

We're looking for TURKS! 8D

September 10th, 2006

graphira @ 06:08 pm: icons and wallpapers;
Icons [x12]
Wallpapers [x02]



Thanks for looking. :)

August 27th, 2006

yumex @ 09:36 am: Dirge of Cerberus Icons
1 SHELKE 4 YUFFIE 3 LUCRECIA (I think there spoilers =S)
Comment, tell me what you took and optional credit 


Click Lucrecia icon to see all ~

August 17th, 2006

luke_delacour @ 11:35 pm: I see a lot of graphic makers here so I'd like to invite you all to cerberus_awards. I didn't see an award community for this game so I made it. Join and participate ^^

By the way I got the game and I love it!

mr_cloud @ 01:30 pm: Dirge of Cerberus has now been released in the US, even though most of you probably know this. Still no date for the European and Australian release date.

Just a reminder please place any spoilers behind a cut. Thank you.

August 13th, 2006

yumex @ 06:49 pm: Dirge of cerberus - Icons
Take as mush as you want, comment and optional credit. 2 Shelke | 4 Yuffie. (make sure you tell me what you snagged !)
Sorry I really don't know how to display d/ps on the other page how you guys do it =(  (I'm new o.o)
Screens come from gloriosa <3

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July 20th, 2006

zat0_one @ 02:10 pm: Viridity RPG Advert!
Hi there! I'm really sorry if this is out of place or offtopic but I wanted to advertise a new rpg me and my friend have made! It's yaoi-friendly and Final Fantasy VII-centric! We're looking for new members! If you want to know more, please read on!


It's far too easy to take for granted the turning of the wheel of life. It's far from our thoughts that it could possibly be a falliable system, or indeed that there might be a cycle within the cycle itself. A cycle of which the next phase has just been triggered..

Viridity is an original-universe crossover rpg based around Square-Enix games with a very deep premediated storyline. We're story-centric which means that planned events will be enforced to keep the game's pace and movement and make sure that everyone gets involved and noone gets left behind for too long. We don't have very strict rules but require that you stick to the ones we have outlined, and just have fun :)

Viridity was all they were aware of when they woke up - enshrouding greenness. Vibrant, living green. Innocence of their place, innocence of their purpose, inexperience of the way of this strange existence they found themselves thrust into. Many of them appeared changed, not quite what they thought they were but somehow more than they imagined themselves to be..

Click here for accepted series, taken characters and further infoCollapse )

So come and join us! We're sexy!

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July 10th, 2006

arisadonna @ 12:52 pm: DoC Icons.
These done for 10variations

x Penelo [Final Fantasy XII] - 10
x Yuffie [Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus] - 10

t e a s e r s .

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